DeVan Family History and Genealogy - Thanks... the Contributors to the DeVan Family website

I want to thank the many people who have contributed their family's vital information, names, birth dates, photos, etc.

Very special thanks to my late Uncle Lewie who got me interested in our family history when he gave me a large "stack of papers" back in 1984.

Cousin Louella (Lyon) Kern for important information about the Roy Giddings and Harvey Rhoads lineages, and especially for the countless DeVan, Giddings, and Rhoads photos she has provided.

Aunt Genevieve (DeVan) who painted the picture of the old house. She's terrific with a brush. She also gave me 17 glass negatives that initially belonged to Gr-Gr-Grandmother Ruth (Weller) DeVan and later Granddad Furnace DeVan. What a treasure those turned out to be!

Donna (DeVan) Duncan (4th cousin, once removed) and descendant of Erastus A. DeVan. Donna and I found each other on the DeVan forum at Donna has been extremely helpful and generous with information she has collected over the years.

Richard T. DeVan, first cousin and gifted photographer, for providing photos of tombstones in the Union Cemetary in Rock Creek, and the photos of the pages in the DeVan Family Bible.

Steve Devan (possibly another distant cousin) for helping solve the mystery surrounding the wife of Old Talcott Devan. Steve contributed copies of three property deeds, one of which shows the names of both Talcott and his wife Temperance. Steve also provided the 1810 census data for Madison County, NY, providing additional evidence that Talcott had two sons and two daughters whose names remain a mystery.

Monica Ericson (distant cousin) for alerting me to the possibility that documentation (depositions) existed showing that Talcott DeVan had another daughter that we don't know about.

Dawn Kelley (another distant cousin) for contributing copies of the depositions regarding Reuben Wilson, along with a photo. Reuben was the son of Erastus N. DeVan's sister, a sister who remains unknown at this time.

Sister Wendy for the information on the Giddings Grandparents and many of the DeVan family photographs.

Sister Penny for many photos and articles and especially the article about Uncle Lewie's Pearl Harbor experience.

Thanks also to several other people whose names will appear here after I get their permission.

If you have history or genealogy information about any of the family names listed on the family names page, please email me at the address shown on the "Contact the Webmaster" page. I would especially like to publish tangible items such as old photos, letters, and certifications of accomplishments (see example). Full credit will be given for items published.

And last but certainly not least, if you find erronious or incorrect information in this website, please don't hesitate to let me know.