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Many of the photos on this page were found in Florence DeVan's collection.
Others were contributed by Cousin Louella, and a few are from my own collection.

1980 to present...

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Lunch at the Hamburguesa in Old Town San Diego: L-R: Ric, Colleen, Beverly, Richard, Jean, Louella, Audrey, & Florence.

Florence DeVan in Baja Mexico 1988

Florence, Bev, Jean, Colleen, Richard at Pt. Loma in 1988.

Louella, Florence, & Audrey circa 1988.

Florence DeVan and Lawrence Welk Statue

Reta Stacey, Florence DeVan, Mary Ann Rhoads, Audrey Lloyd, Fern Jones, Jean Bevins, & Celia Preston

Harold Rhoads, Audrey Lloyd, Mary Ann Rhoads, & Jean Bevins.

Roy Giddings Jr., the master chef.

Roy Giddings Jr. & Marie Clarke.

Front row: Audrey, Reta, Fern; back ro: Florence, Roy, Celia.

Celia Preston, Jean Bevins, Fern Jones, Harold Rhoads, Audrey Lloyd, Reta Stacey.

Celia Preston, Jean Bevins, Alyce Rogers, Audrey Lloyd.

Celia Preston at Bev's cabin in PA.

Florence DeVan & Sally (Knapp) Dodge.

Front row: Bill Kern, Bev, & Louella. Back row: Florence, Audrey, Richard, & Jean.

Reta, Jean, Audrey, & Florence.

Kenny & Audrey Lloyd, 50th wedding anniversary, March 1999.

Alyce Rogers, Audrey Lloyd, & Jean Bevins.

Reta Stacey & daughter Donna.

Lonnie Preston, Celia Preston, Reta Stacey, & Cecil Spade, July 2000.

Bev's Ice Cream Girls, L - R: Dawn Scoville, Missy Vincent, BJ Lomas,
Audrey Lloyd, Florence DeVan, & Louella Kern.

Audrey Lloyd dressed as clown for opening of Bev's Ice Cream store.

Clown Reta Stacey at opening of Bev's Dairyland-1985.

Clown Florence DeVan at opening of Bev's Dairyland- 1985.

Standing; Harold & Maryann Rhoads and Marie Clarke, May 1987.
Others are unidentified.

Marie Clarke (in blue dress) and Celia Preston (playing guitar), May 1987.
Others are unidentified.
Bev Lomas on old ship, Star of India     >>>

Prior to 1980...

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Florence Giddings at Giddings House circa 1940.

Florence (Giddings) DeVan circa 1950.

Audrey and Florence circa 1940.

Audrey and Florence circa 1950s.

Rickey DeVan circa 1950.
No larger image available.
Terry DeVan school photo.
No larger image available.
Penny DeVan circa 1953.
No larger image available.

Danny DeVan school photo circa 1954.
No larger image available.

Jennie DeVan circa 1955.
No larger image available.

Wendy DeVan circa 1955.

No larger image available.

Dawn DeVan school photo.
No larger image available.

Chrissy DeVan school photos, 1972-73.
No larger image available.

Audrey & Rickey circa 1942.

Danny DeVan at Giddings' House circa 1948.

Rickey DeVan at Rock Creek House circa 1942.

Danny DeVan circa 1955.


Louella Lyon graduation photo 1949.

Beverly Lyon graduation photo circa 1951.

Audrey Lloyd, June 1950.

Four generations: Louella (Lyon) Kern, her mother Audrey,
Grandmother Sarah Giddings, and Great Grandmother Myrtle Weeks

Beverly with her father Claude Lyon.

Louella Kern & Uncle Galen Preston - 1950.

Galen Preston (Celia's husband) - 1950.

James (Bud) and Betty Williams, Jean's children.

Rickey, Terry, Penny, & Danny pose in front of Dad's new "Hotrod." Autumn 1950.

Danny DeVan circa 1949.

Danny DeVan in front of Hotrod, and looking mean

Harold Rhoads, date unknown.

Is that Jennie trying to sneak into the photo?

Christmas 1956. Front: Jennie & Dawn. Back: Penny, Wendy, & Terry

Roy Giddings, Sr. prepared for fishing, but dressed for church.

Charles Frank Giddings (Roy Giddings Sr's father).

Charles Giddings & his granddaughter Celia,
circa 1925.

Josiah Marvin Giddings
(Charles Frank Gidding's grandfather).

Photo provided by distant cousin
Jack Calaway

Elisha Giddings & half of his family.
Elisha is Josiah's father; Josiah is in this photo.
Can you find him?

Photo provided by distant cousin
Diane (Giddings) Miller

Roy Giddings, Jr. circa 1930.

Roy Giddings Jr circa 1940s.

Charles Eugene (Chuckie) Giddings, early 1940s.

Chuckie Giddings, early 1940s.

Chuckie Giddings, late 1940s-early '50s.

Chuckie & dog, circa 1938-39.

Chuckie Giddings, circa 1937-38.

Sarah Giddings and Linda, Ryan, Sharon, & Roy III; children of Roy Jr. & Gloria Giddings.

Florence, Roy, Sr., & Celia Giddings, circa 1927.

Roy Giddings Sr. & Audrey Rhoads,
mid 1920s.

Audrey Rhoads on horse named Teddy,
Cedar Street 1935.

Audrey & Jean dressed as a couple for a costume party. No one would believe that Jean was really a woman.

Florence Giddings circa 1927

With the cowgirl boots, hat, & guitar,
that HAS to be Celia Giddings.

Ralph & Florence DeVan at Rock Creek House, April 1944.

Bottom to top: Rickey DeVan, Roy Giddings Jr., Dick Williams (cousin), Ralph DeVan, Unknown (possibly George Fuller), circa 1946.

Ralph & Florence's wedding photo,
October 4, 1940.

Florence & Ralph, Terry & Rickey 1944.

Ralph DeVan is in there somewhere; I challenge you to find him (and let me know).

This is Ralph DeVan's 2nd grade teacher.

Sarah Giddings & Florence DeVan, 1960.

Sisters Sarah Giddings & Kate Spade.

Kate & Sarah and their father Dan Weeks.

Dan Weeks & his daughter Sarah tending bees.

Grandma Sarah and Grandpa Roy Giddings and their house at 212 N. Cedar Street before moving to Padanarum Road in the early 1940s.

Front of Giddings home on Cedar Street. Date unknown.

The Roy & Sarah Giddings Family, circa 1925-26.

Front row, left to right: Unknown, Fern Rhoads, Alyce Giddings, Florence Giddings.

Back row, left to right: Lee Spade, Lynn Pearson, Audrey Rhoads, Myrtle Weeks, Imogene Rhoads, Unknown, Unknown, Roy Giddings Sr. & Celia.

Click on photo for larger image.

The Giddings home on Padanarum Road in winter, early 1040s.

Roy Giddings, Sr.

Roy Sr and Sarah Giddings.

Roy Sr and Sarah Giddings, and the pet raccoon.

Roy Giddings Sr.
at Padanarum Road, 1950s.

Roy Giddings Sr. in PJs at
Padanarum Road, 1950s.

Sarah (Weeks) Rhoads circa 1920.

Sarah (Weeks) Rhoads in the 20s.

Audrey (Rhoads) Lyon & Louella,
circa 1930-31.

Claude Lyon & Louella in his new 1931 Model A Ford.

Five generations, 1931: Baby Louella, Audrey Lyon (mother), Sarah Giddings (grandmother), Myrtle Weeks (gr-grandmother), & William Hutchins (gr-gr-grandfather).

Baby Keith Kern, Myrtle Weeks (gr-gr-grandmother), Sarah Giddings (gr-grandmother), Audrey Lloyd (grandmother) & Louella Kern (mother).

Motley looking bunch. L - R: Terry DeVan, Donna (King) Knapp, Danny DeVan, Sally (King) Knapp, Sally Ramey, Rickey DeVan, & the dog Spot at Giddings house
on Padanarum Road.

More motley bunch. L - R: Sally Knapp, Jennie DeVan, Donna Knapp, Penny DeVan,
& Wendy DeVan.

Penny DeVan playing with the dog. Donna Knapp in the plane; Sally Knapp on the right. Circa 1948.

Donna & Sally Knapp, Penny DeVan-1947-48.

Front row, L-R: Danny DeVan, Lonnie Preston, Sally Ramey.
Back row, L-R: Terry DeVan, Donna & Sally Knapp, Rickey DeVan, circa 1950.

Terry, Danny, & Rickey DeVan, circa 1950.

L-R: Rickey DeVan, Unknown (Sally Knapp?), Terry DeVan, Unknown (Donna Knapp?),
Unknown, Lonnie Preston, circa 1950.

L-R: Sally & Donna Knapp, Sally Ramey, & Penny DeVan, circa 1950.

L-R: Sally & Donna Knapp, Sally Ramey, & Penny DeVan, circa 1950.

Unknown boy with Penny DeVan at beach,
circa 1947-48.

Florence & Penny DeVan, circa 1947-48.

Florence & Penny DeVan, circa 1947-48.
Sally Knapp peeking out window

Penny DeVan age 5 or 6 (circa 1950-51).
No larger image available.

Penny was the first girl in the DeVan family and was Grandpa Roy's "Little Princess."
No larger image available.

Penny & Wendy (or Dawn) DeVan & Sally Knapp, circa 1956-57.

Penny DeVan with bow and arrow.

Penny DeVan in band uniform.

Penny DeVan graduation circa 1963.

Penny DeVan cutting her graduation cake. Note: Penny was the first in the family to graduate.

Katherine (Kate) Spade, Dan Weeks, & Leroy Spade.

Lee Spade, Cecil Spade, and Katherine Spade.

Myrtle and Daniel Weeks on right.

Funny photo. Leroy Spade pushing wheelbarrow; Elladie Coach (a friend of Audrey Rhoads) and unknown man, visiting friends in Canada.

Another funny photo. Is that you, Leroy Spade? Standing on a fence post?
Yes, it is!

First on left is Roy Giddings Sr. The others are his unknown friends.

Roy Giddings Sr. (front row left) and his Geneva baseball team.

Ladies in white are sisters Kate (Weeks) Spade and Sarah (Weeks) Giddings.
Second from right is Dan Weeks; possibly Roy Giddings on right.
Others are unknown friends they were visiting in Canada.

A graduation celebration. Counterclockwise around table starting at far left end:
Myrtle Weeks, Ileen Spade (eyes), Alice Spade (back to camera), Florence DeVan,
and unknown person sitting at end of table, Beverly Lyon, Audrey, Louella Lyon,
and Kate Spade. Photo taken at Giddings house on Padanarum Road.

Fern Rhoads & old car.

Audrey, Mother Sarah (Weeks) Rhoads, & Imojean, circa 1916.

Fern & Harold Rhoads, circa 1919-20.

Alyce, Florence, & Celia Giddings circa 1926

Alyce, Florence, & Celia Giddings with Grandma Weeks, circa 1926

Daniel & Myrtle Weeks (Sarah Giddings parents)

Myrtle & Daniel Weeks.

Daniel Weeks date unknown.

Daniel Weeks & Louella Lyon.

Myrtle Weeks 1940s.

Myrtle Weeks at home, date unknown.

David Hutchins & Myrtle Weeks
(brother & sister).

Nancy Elizabeth (West) Hutchins (Lizzie),
Dan's wife and David & Myrtle's mother.

Myrtle Weeks & Unknown baby.

Myrtle Weeks & Mrs. Rowe.

Myrtle Weeks' sister, Bella Cheney.

Aerial view of DeVan house on Padanarum Road. Looking north-west.

Aerial view of DeVan house on Padanarum Road. Looking south-west.

DeVan house on Padanarum, winter 1984.

DeVan house in Rock Creek.
Click image to see several photos of the Rock Creek farm.

Lewis DeVan & Genevieve (Benson) DeVan circa 1945.

Lewis & Genevieve DeVan's girls, Valerie & Melanie at DeVan House in Rock Creek.

Talcott & Lewis DeVan circa early 1940s.

You can see the Grand River through the trees.

Dawn & Chrissy DeVan

Penny DeVan sunbathing circa 1948. <

Dawn DeVan circa 1956-57 (left) and 1958-59 (center and right).

Chrissy DeVan, late 1960s; with a snowman in the '70s; and dressed for Halloween in the early '80s.

Rickey DeVan circa 1943.

Beverly Lyon & ?? (Penny or Jennie).

Ralph DeVan & Chrissy on Harley.

Ralph DeVan on tractor,
Freddie Kresneski watching the drill,
and Wendy DeVan supervising.

Donna Knapp.

Lonnie Preston circa 1945 (son of Celia and Galen Preston).

Celia (Grinnell) Giddings, Aunt Florie (Grinnell), & Myrtle Weeks.

Sarah (Weeks) Giddings

Roy Giddings Sr. (on right) as plant guard at Fork & Hoe.
In August 1943, during WWII, Roy was enrolled in the U.S. Army as an Auxilliary Military Police officer to help guard the American Fork & Hoe Company.
See Roy's Certificate of Enrollment.

Bill Weeks. Bill was Sarah Giddings' cousin.

Bill Weeks.

Bill Weeks on motorcycle.

George Weeks, Unknown Man, & Charles Giddings.

George & Vera (Palma) Weeks. George was Sarah Giddings' brother.

Billy Weeks, son of George & Vera Weeks.
Billy was Florence DeVan's cousin.

Pfc Robert (Bob) Ramey, circa late 1950s.

Edward Rhoads (tall man with hat) & sister Naomi (Rhoads), in white dress.
Brother and sister of Harvey Rhoads (Harvey was Sarah Giddings' first husband).

Florence Giddings circa 1935.

Florence (Giddings) DeVan, late 1930s,
early 1940.

Florence DeVan, early 1940s.

Florence DeVan at beach.

Rickey DeVan, age 5, 1946-47.

Rickey DeVan in front of Giddings' barn on Padanarum Road.

Rickey & meat-eating calf, circa 1947.

Rickey & Aunt Genevieve feeding chickens in Rock Creek, circa 1948.

Rickey holding baby chicken (in Rock Creek).

Penny DeVan circa 1949.

Penny DeVan circa 1958.

Ric DeVan and a mystery girl, 1956-57.

Ric DeVan, 1958.

Ric DeVan, USN Recruit, 1959.

Ric DeVan, USN, 1960, 1960, & 1972.
No larger image available.

Sally Knapp & Penny DeVan at a party (at Bev's?).

Mark & Jean Glad, circa mid 1950s, at DeVan house on Padanarum Road.

Dalton Rhoads tossing horse shoes at Giddings house circa 1955.

Beverly and her father, Claude Lyon

Claude's home-built King midget.
Donna (on left), & ??

Fobes Road covered bridge.

Grandma Jennie DeVan canoeing on Grand River in Rock Creek, circa 1920.

Unidentified DeVan sailing on Grand River.

Some of the people in the following photos are unidentified.
If you know who they are, please let me know.

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Unknown #1. A really old photo.

Do you recognize any of these guys?

Unknown #11. For three years starting March 14, 1910, Roy Giddings Sr. served as a Private
in the Ohio National Guard, Company E, Fifth Regiment of Infantry .
I would guess that he is in this photo, yet to be identified.
See Roy's discharge paper.

Unknown #12. Soldiers of Company E, Fifth Regiment of Infantry, Ohio National Guard.

Unknown #13.
Unknown couple from long ago. (Tin)

Unknown #14.
Imojean (Jean) Rhoads on right;
unknown lady on left is Jean's friend.

Unknown #15. Imojean (Jean) Rhoads on right;
unknown lady on left may be friend's mom.

Unknown #15a. Imojean (Jean) Rhoads on left; others are unknown.
They may be the family of Jean's friend.
The photo was taken in the mid-to-late 1920s.

Unknown #16. Unknown woman (Sarah Giddings?) & cats.

Unknown #17. Same woman with unknown child.

Unknown #17a. Same woman, same dress.

Unknown #18. Writing on back says "Dan Weeks' father."
If correct, this would be Abel Weeks.

Unknown #19. Well-dressed gentlemen; looks like a wedding photo.
Who are they? Who's wedding is it?

Unknown #20. Kids at Giddings house on Padanarum Road.

Unknown #21. Kids (2 boys & 1 girl)
eating ice cream in town.
Writing on back says "Edward Weeks' children."
Edward was Sarah (Weeks) Giddings' brother.

Unknown #23. Who is the man in that old Ford?

Unknown #25. It's one of those old "postcard photos." Writing on the back says "Auntie Sarah" and "Myrtle Weeks."

Unknown# 26. Unknown soldier.

Unknown #27. A group of very distinguished men on tin. The man on the lower left looks very much like the man in Unknown #13.

Unknown #28. Not sure, but looks like Charles Giddings and wife Celia (Grinnell) Giddings.
This tin photo was in really bad condition.

Unknown #29. Men on grass.

Unknown #30. Two babies in 1947.

Unknown #31. Two men in front of barn.

Unknown #37. Two men on porch. Looks like Roy Giddings Sr. on left.

Unknown #38. Baby.

Unknown #39. Another Baby. Ears are different.

Unknown #40. Unknown Man.
Looks like Roy Giddings, Jr.

Looks like Kate Spade, unknown woman, unknown man, Lee Spade, & Roy Giddings, Sr.

More photos coming soon...

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