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Links to the numerous articles, pictures, biographies, and obituaries about the people and places in this website.

Those who served... - about our veterans
Obituary Page - Obits
Bevins, (Aunt) Jean - celebrates 101
Crary Family History - history
Davern, John - article
Devan, Ada Aurora (O'Connor) - obit (includes short biography); gravestone
DeVan, Edwin N. - Erie, PA Special Police; military service & gravestone
DeVan, Ellen - Morgan Grange Charter Member; gravesite
DeVan, Erastus A. - article with pictures; gravestone; marriage cert and announcement;
- Julia Ann (Hoyt) DeVan's death notice
DeVan, Erastus N. - articles; Lawyer; Justice of the Peace & Township Clerk; obit,
- deposition (regarding Reuben Wilson)
DeVan, Furnace - Letter from North Dakota in 1904;
DeVan, Isabel (Olson) - article
DeVan, Lewis E. - Pearl Harbor article; gravestone
DeVan, Lyle E. - photo and marriage documents; photo and discharge certificate;
- Dolores' obit
Devan, Maria (Oatman) - obit
Devan, Milo - Ashtabula County Historical Society
DeVan, Polly (Stone) - gravesite
DeVan, Ralph & Florence - Ralph and Florence Wedding Announcement;
Ralph, Florence, Rickey & Terry; Florence's obit
Devan, Ralph P. - Civil War letter; events in life; his farm; obit; gravestone
DeVan, Ruth (Weller) - article; obit; Reuben Wilson deposition; glass negatives
Devan, Talcott - article; obit; gravesite
- name change--my theory; 1800 Census; 1810 Census; 1820 census;
- excerpts from property deeds: 1; 2, 3;
- full version of deeds: 1; 2, 3
Devan, William R. - obit; gravesite
Gallop Family - articles
Giddings, Joshua Reed - picture, military service, & speech; bio & photos; brief bio on Ashtabula Cty Hist Society
Lewis, Sidney T. - Brother of Grandmother Jennie DeVan
newspaper article (MIA);   WWI Royal Navy Roll of Honour (KIA)
Pendleton, Major Brian - article
Peterson, Sam and Mary - photos
Weeks, Bill - Bill's adventures, 1991 newspaper article
Weller, Enos - seventh degree Royal Arch Mason certificate
DeVan Family Bible Pages - Family History Pages in Family Bible - Page: 1; 2; 3; 4
DeVan Family Home - short article with picture; longer article; pictures of Grand River
DeVans in Rock Creek - misc photos taken at Rock Creek Farm
Devan - Shakers - DeVans who were Shakers
Vital Records - Census records & death certificates
Missing Links - These DeVans are obviously related but are missing a solid link to Talcott Devan. Go to page.
Oneida (NY) Post article: Oneida Devan's in the Civil War
Pedigree Charts - go to charts
Riverdale Bridge - Riverdale Covered Bridge near the Rock Creek Farm