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Page last modified 3/20/2013

Find A Grave is an interesting site I recently discovered. It's a free site where thousands of gravesite and gravestone photos are posted by people who's interest is genealogy. I found photos of several of my ancestors' gravesites: Peter Crary, Captain John Gallup, Enos Weller, and a few more. The site is supported by ads and by people who take photos of gravesites and headstones and post them on the site. If you find a posting that is special to you, you can pay $5 to sponsor it and they will remove the ads and put your name as sponsor of the page. Interesting concept.

History At Home, A Guide to Genealogy is a page on the Home Advisor (Home Improvement) website. It has some great information and tips about how to gather family historical information and also how to preserve it. I highly recommend this website to anyone doing family history research. Thanks for the tip, Julie. - This is a neat free bulletin board run by Here you can post your question, read the queries posted by others, and generally share information with other people interested in the same family name. I found several distant relatives on this forum and consequently shared a wealth of information with them. Visit the DeVan family forum or the Giddings family forum. This site also has a Learning Center where you can learn the basics of genealogy research.

Indexed Family Heirlooms Search - Search by surname for family heirlooms. Interesting site, but I didn't find the Civil War muskets that my uncle owned.

MyCinnamonToast Surname Search - Search by surname or area. Links to many other family genealogy sites. shows up as, which means it's not been updated.

If you post a query at CinnamonToast, it automatically links to CousinConnect, another FREE site.
View my genealogy queries at CousinConnect.

DistantCousin is yet another FREE site. Many of these sites are linked together. - The largest and FREE genealogy site, supported by - Maybe not the largest, but in my opinion, the best FREE genealogy website this side of Ireland. is one of the sites at the top of the list for doing genealogy research. They also offer a family tree source.

The other top site at the list is Both of these sites charge a fee, but are excellent resources for finding difficult ancestors. is owned by; is a subsidiary of A&E Television Network.

And of course every serious family researcher needs a good source of genealogy books. Check out the Higgenson Book Company website. They specialize in American local history, genealogy, Civil War books, and historic maps.

To read more about the USS Maryland and her WWII history, visit the Naval History and Heritage Command website, or simply google "USS Maryland BB-46".

Orestes St. John was a geologist at the University of Kansas and the Assistant State Geologist of Iowa when he illustrated the Report of the Geological Survey of the State of Iowa (v. I and II) in 1870. Search on Orestes St. John on Yahoo or Google to learn more about his interesting life.