DeVan Family History and Genealogy

DeVan Family Farm in Rock Creek

DeVan Family Home on the banks of the Grand River
Painting by Genevieve DeVan in 1984 for Ric and Colleen DeVan

This big house was built in the 1850's by Erastus and replaced the old log
cabin built by Talcott on Riverdale Road in Rock Creek, Morgan Township,
Ashtabula County, Ohio. This house was home to six generations of
DeVans for over 110 years.

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A very old photo of a very old house.
Six generations of DeVans lived in this house with their families:
Old Talcott; Erastus & Ruth; Edwin & Isabel; Furnace & Jenny; and Lewis & Genevieve and
their children (Valeria & Melanie). Nephews (Rickey & Terry),
and niece (Penny) spent many summer weeks at the farm.
At the time of this photo (CA late 1940s), Uncle Lewie was replacing the old wood shed
that was attached to the house.
The two-story house was heated by pot-belly stoves located upstairs and downstairs,
and smaller wood-burning stoves were used for cooking.

A "modern" water pump, similar to the one shown,
was used to pump water into the upper and lower kitchens.

Picture of Rock Creek Farm outbuildings
taken from front of house.

Isabell and Edwin relaxing by the river circa 1909

Furnace DeVan circa 1915

Jenny DeVan circa 1917.
Boys may be Talcott DeVan (l) and Franklin McLain (r).

Jenny DeVan canoeing on Grand River circa 1920s.

Jenny DeVan, late 1930s.

Jenny DeVan, her sister-in-law Josie (DeVan) Greening,
and Josie's daughter Alice, late 1930s.

Aunt Jean Rhoads, Jenny DeVan,
and Cousin Tood, late 1930s.

The Riverdale Road Covered Bridge crosses the Grand River
not very far from the DeVan farm. This bridge was built in 1874
when Erastus was still working the farm. Grandma DeVan would walk
us from the farm to her sister-in-law Josie's farm, which is barely
visible just to the right and behind the bridge.

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