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Missing Links

Page last modified 3/20/2013

Several people have contacted me with information that provides reasons to believe that Talcott and Temperance Devan had more children than we have proof of. So I've decided to add this section for people who are obviously descendants of Talcott and Temperance but are missing links to the family.

Talcott had five children that we know about: William, Milo, Abigale, Erastus, and Laura. However, there is strong evidence for other children, at least two sons and two daughters, whose identies are still unknown.
See the 1800 census, 1810 census, and the 1820 census.

03/20/2013: Birth records indicate that Beulah Marie Devan was born to Talcott Devan and Damie Frances Bean. I have no other information about Beulah or Damie at this time.

Reuben Wilson

Updated 3/20/2013.

Erastus N. DeVan signed a deposition declaring that Reuben Wilson was the son of Erastus' sister. Ruth also signed a similar deposition. This sister was un-named in the deposition and remains un-named today. We know that this sister was not Abigale or Laura.

Erastus states in the deposition that Reuben lived in Michigan prior to and after the civil war and that he also lived in Ohio and worked for Erastus. Ruth's deposition is available on the Articles & Bios page.

Although I have several census records and a death certificate for Reuben Wilson, none of the records show his parents names.

Reuben Wilson

Henry Devan

Henry Devan, his wife Hannah, and their descendants are from the Smithfield, Madison County, NY area. Several of Henry's sons served in the Civil War: Milo, Henry (Jr.), David, Wallace, Truman, and Oscar (Jay). It's very unlikely that any Devans living in the Smithfield, NY area in the early 1800's were not related to Talcott Devan. I have strong reason to believe that the elder Henry was one of Talcott's sons. There is also a Bridgett Devan listed in Oneida County in 1850.

In July, 1893, the Oneida (NY) Post published a list of Civil War Veterans from the Oneida area. The list included six Devan's.

Edward N. DeVan

This one is very curious. Edward lived in Ashtabula County, Ohio and married Lydia A. Henry on 12/25/1862, making him about the same age as Edwin N. DeVan. Edward also served in the Civil War, as a bugler in the 29th Ohio Infantry, Company C (Edwin served in the 19th Ohio, Company C, as a bugler). I have a marriage certificate and Edward and Lydia show up on the 1870 census; however, I have found no other evidence of Edward's life or who his parents are.

Hopefully someone will provide additional clues to the missing links in this family puzzle.