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The purpose of this site is to document the results of years of researching the DeVan and Giddings Family history and genealogy, and to make the results readily available to family members and anyone else who might be interested. We are under continual change as more family history and genealogy information becomes available.

The following paragraphs discuss the organization of this website.

The Table of Contents on the left makes navigating through the site easy. There are numerous other links within each section.

There's a link on the Contact the Webmaster page with instructions on how to reach me.

The Downloads page allows users to download files that I sometimes make available.
NOTE: If you want to download any image on this website, simply right-click on the image, select "Save Picture As" and save it to your My Pictures folder.

There are hundres of old family photos, some over 100 years old, on the Family Photo Album page.
I have quite a few more photos to add; some are from distant DeVan and Giddings relatives.

Aunt Shorty (Genevieve) gave me a box of Glass Negatives from which I was able to obtain several really neat photos, most of which are over 100 years old.

The What's New page summarizes any recent and relevant changes or additions to the website.

The Site Organization page is this page.

I discuss why I started this website on the About this Website page. You could probably skip this page, but it does have some interesting information about how many people each of us is related to, and who some of those people are.

Although the DeVan/Devan name was well established in Ireland long before Europeans came to this continent, The First DeVan page discusses the possibilites of how we got the name. Read about the first person in our family (Talcott Davern) to have the DeVan name, and Read my Theory about why Davern was changed to Devan.

The John Davern and Talcott Devan page has a brief history about John and Lois (Knapp) Davern, and their son Talcott and his wife Temperance.

The Family Names page contains almost 150 sur-names, from Adams to Zappitelli, who are related in some way to the DeVan family. (Compared to the millions of people living today with whom we are related, 150 is barely a drokp in the bucket.) Click on a name in the left frame and you can trace that family's relationship, via the links on the page, to a DeVan. There are also links from the people on this page to numerous articles and photos. Browse through the names; I think you will find some of them interesting. Many "distant cousins" continue to contribute valuable information, and this page will continue to grow.

We know of four DeVans who were Shakers, including Talcott, one son, and two grandchildren. The first Shakers were Quakers who were known for shaking when they w orshipped, hence "Shakers." Shakers were celibate, so it's a good thing Talcott had his 8 or 9 children before he converted, else we DeVans wouldn't be here.

The Articles, Bios, and Photos page contains links to the numerous articles, pictures, biographies, obituaries, pedigree charts, and other artifacts in this website. There are copies of Talcott and Temperance Devan's property deed recordings; Erastus and Ruth DeVan's depositions about nephew Ruben Wilson's eligibility for a Civil War pension; a letter from Ralph P. DeVan written during the Civil war; a copy of Enos Weller's Royal Arch Mason certificate; a copy of Edwin Devan's Special Police Constable in Erie PA (certificate); newspaper articles about Erastus, Edwin, and Isabel, and numerous photos, some of which date back to the Civil War.

The Veteran's Page contains information about DeVans and relatives and ancestors who served in the wars of their country, including the Pequot Indian War, King Phillip's War, Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Civil War, World War II and the Vietnam war. I have not yet learned of any DeVans in the Iraq or Afghanistan wars, but I'm sure there are a few.

The Obituaries page contains the obituaries of many of our early ancestors, as well as more recent family members.

In genealogy it's normal that there are many Missing Links. These are people we know are related by we can't quite make the connection.

Thanks to many Contributors, this website has grown considerably since its creation in 2002. The numerous people who have helped are listed on the Contributors page.

References for much of the information used in this site are listed on the References page. I haven't indexed the information to the references, but maybe someday I will...

Last are the Links to Other Genealogy Resources, and I tossed in some photos of the San Diego Firestorm 2003.

About the spelling of DeVan: I've tried to spell the name the same way the person whom I'm discussing spelled it. For example, Talcott Devan, Erastus N. DeVan.

Visit the Ireland Website if you have time. It contains over a hundred pictures of our trips to the Emerald Isle, with a little history of the areas we visited.

Also visit the Hawai‘i and Belize sites for photos of our trips to the Big Island, Belize, and Guatemala. The Belize and Quatamala pages are still under construction.

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