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DeVan Family Veterans

Ric DeVan

Ribbons and Medals

The ten ribbons above represent the 17 awards Ric received over the course of his career. Many of the awards were duplicated over the course of 20-plus years.

In order of precedence
Top Row: Navy Achievement (for achievements as a Naval Reservest 1985 - 1992)
Second Row: Navy Unit Commendation (for service in Vietnam); Good Conduct Award (5 awards); Naval Reserve Meritorious Service (as a Naval Reservest 1985 - 1992)
Third Row: National Defense Service; Armed Forces Expeditionary (3 awards: Cuba, Korea, and Vietnam); Vietnam Service (2 awards: USS Ranger, 1969);
Bottom Row: Navy Sea Service; Vietnam Gallantry Cross Unit Citation (Ranger, 1969); Vietnam Campaign (Ranger, 1969)

Medals were worn on full-dress uniforms, usually during inspections and ceremonies.

Left to right:
Top: Good Conduct Award; National Defense Service; Armed Forces Expeditionary; Vietnam Service; Vietnam Campaign

Not all awards include a medal; some are only a ribbon. The Navy Unit Commendation, Vietnam Gallantry Cross Unit Citation, and Navy Sea Service awards did not have medals. These ribbons were usually worn on the right breast when medals were worn on formal occasions.

Bottom: Naval Reserve Meritious Service, and the Navy & Marine Corps Achievement medals. These two medals (and associated ribbons) were received just prior to leaving the Navy and were not worn.

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