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Talcott Devan
1768 – November 18, 1847

From the Shaker records:

Nov 18	No. 99
	TALCOTT DEVAN, departed this life on Thursday, at a
		quarter past 2 o'clock A.M., Nov 18, 1847,
		aged 77 years, 2 months, and 28 days.
		Residence, Gathering Order. Disease, Cancer
		on the neck. (Shaker Records)

— BIOGRAPHY — Talcott (or Talcot) Devan, age 77, died Thursday, November 18, 1847 at the Shaker North Union Community in Cuyahoga County, Ohio.

He was born in (about) 1770, in Fairfield, Connecticut to John and Lois (Knapp) Davern.

According to the History of Fairfield County, Connecticut, Talcott changed his name to Devan and migrated west, living for a time in Massachusettes, Duchess County, NY and in Augusta, Oneida County, NY.

The History of Madison County lists "Talcott Divine" as one of "...those who settled here...on what became the Smith purchase..." in 1791. The Smith purchase became Smithfield, which later became Stockbridge.

The Gazetteer of Madison County, NY lists "Talcott Divan" as "...among the early settlers of..." Stockbridge in 1791. Stockbridge was eventually formed from Vernon, Augusta, Smithfield, and Lenox in 1836.

In about 1807 Talcott and his wife Temperance purchased property in Smithfield, Madison County, where they lived for several years working as farmers on the property.

Little information is available regarding Talcott's wife Temperance after the 1820 census.

Talcott eventually moved farther west to Morgan Township (Rock Creek), Ashtabula County, Ohio and lived for a few years with his son Erastus on Riverdale Road, on the banks of the Grand River. His final home was in the Shaker North Union Community near Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio.

Talcot had five children who are identified: William R. Devan of the Shaker North Union Community; Milo Devan of Ashtabula County, Ohio; Abigale (Devan) Parker of Ashtabula County (or Lake County) Ohio; Erastus Nathanial DeVan of Morgan Township, Ashtabula County Ohio; and Laura (Devan) Burdick of Ashtabula County, Ohio.

According to the 1800, 1810, & 1820 census, it's possible that Talcott had two unnamed sons and two unnamed daughters. The 1830 census shows Talcott living with Erastus and Ruth in Morgan Township, Ohio.

Talcott is buried in the Shaker Cemetary in Warrensville Heights, Ohio.

Elisha Giddings
March 12, 1780 – August 9, 1855

Ashtabula Sentinel, August 23, 1855:

				Elisha Giddings

	   Died in Wayne, Ashtabula Co., August 9th, of a Hemorrhage 
	of the lungs, Elisha Giddings in the seventy-fifth year of his 
	age. The deceased was a native of Hartland, Conn. When at the 
	age of 16 years, he with his father's family removed to 
	Canandaigua, New York, but as early as 1805 removed to Ohio, 
	and settled in Wayne, among the first inhabitants of the Township. 
	He leaves a large circle of relations and friends to mourn his 
	loss and his death has caused deep grief to all the inhabitants 
	of the place. Mild and amiable in disposition, cheerful and 
	obliging in his intercourse with his fellowmen--a friend of peace 
	and righteousness--a foe of oppression and wrong--his death, after 
	a residence in the place for fifty years, makes a deep impression. 
	The deceased was a consistent member of the Congregational Church 
	from its organization---None who knew him doubled the sincerity of 
	his faith and love. It is a public calamity when a good man dies. 
	May his example be initiated. (Wayne, August 18, 1855)

A second obituary appeared about two weeks later:
Ashtabula Sentinel, Dated September 6, 1855, Vol. XXIV Number 35
  	   Death of Elisha Giddings. Died at Wayne Aug 9, 1855, Elisha Giddings, 
	aged 75. The deceased was born at East Hartland, Connecticut, March 12, 
	1780. At the age of fifteen he emigrated with his father's family to 
	Canandaigua in the State of New York, where he resided for several years. 
	While there he married a daughter of Col. Fish, a gentleman of some 
	distinction in that part of the country, and in the winter of 1804-5 
	with his wife and one child, he emigrated to Ohio. In October A.D. 1805 
	he halted in Wayne. He and the late Titus Hayes removed to that Township, 
	with their families at the same time, previously being but one family 
	there. Here he encountered all the hardships and privations of pioneer 
	life. His determination of purpose and perseverance, however overcame all 
	obstacles. His growing family were sustained and educated, he gathered a 
	comfortable support for himself and those dependent on him. His integrity
	and his unassuming habits, his deep love of justice, and unusual kindness 
	of heart, made friends of all with whom he associated. Of him it may be 
	said emphatically he had no enemies. Carrying out in all the actions of 
	his life, that religion which he professed he was respected and loved by 
	all around him. He lived to a good old age in the possession of his 
	faculties; and suddenly, without apparent suffering, he was called to his 
	reward, leaving a widow five children and a large line of relatives and 
	friends the consolation that he has departed to a higher and better state 
	of existence.
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Ransom D. Billings
1840 – July 28, 1864

— BIOGRAPHY — Sgt. Ransom D. Billings of Ashtabula, Ohio, died Thursday, July 28, 1864, at Atlanta, Georga during the Union Army's siege of Atlanta.

He was born in 1840, in Madison, Lake County Ohio, to Col. Ransom and Laura Billings.

Ransom was a resident of Ashtabula County prior to volunteering to serve in the 29th Ohio Volunteer Infantry (Giddings Regiment), where he was a member of Company I.

Ransom is survived by his parents Ransom and Laura, his wife Mary Jane (Horton), brothers Solomon and Lucius, and sister Ann.

Sgt. Ransom D. Billings is buried in the National Cemetary at Marietta, Georgia.

National Cemetary, Marietta, Georga

William Rowley Devan
February 16, 1795 – January 26, 1868

From the Shaker records:

Jan 26	No. 87
	WILLIAM DEVAN, departed this life on the Sabbath about
		3 o'clock A.M. Jan 26, 1868, aged 72 years,
		11 months and 10 days.
		Residence, Center Family - Disease, Scrofula

— BIOGRAPHY — William Rowley Devan, age 72, died Sunday, January 26, 1868 at the Shaker North Union Community in Cuyahoga County, Ohio. Cause of death was scrofula (tuberculosis of the neck).

William was born February 16, 1795, probably in Augusta, Oneida County, New York to Talcott and Temperance Devan.

William moved west to Ashtabula County, Ohio with his father and brothers, and married Hannah Fenton in Windsor, Ashtabula County, Ohio in 1828. William and Hannah lived in Austinburg, Ashtabula County, Ohio in 1840. In 1850 William, wife Hannah, sons Nehemiah, and Ralph P., and daughters Temperance, Maria, Lois, and Emma J. lived as Shakers in the Shaker North Union Community in Cuyahoga County, Ohio.

After his death, William's wife Hannah moved to Sparta, Monroe County, Wisconsin to live with their son Ralph P. DeVan and his wife Eliza.

William had five children who are identified: son Erastus A. DeVan of South Dakota; daughter Temperance DeVan of the Shaker North Union Community; son Nehemiah DeVan of the Shaker North Union Community; daughter Maria DeVan (Oatman) of Jefferson, Ashtabula County, Ohio; son Ralph P. DeVan of Sparta, Wisconsin; and daughters Lois DeVan and Emma J. DeVan, locations unknown in 1868

William is buried in the Shaker Cemetary in Warrensville Heights, Ohio, as are his son Nehemiah and daughter Temperance.

Julia Ann (Hoyt) DeVan
September 5, 1830 – December 18, 1869

Erastus Nathanial DeVan
February 12, 1805 – May 20, 1891
                   ERASTUS DEVAN	
	One of the oldest citizens of Morgan
	township, died last Wednesday, May 27,
	at the age of 86 years. He had been 
	sick for many weeks, having first been 
	taken with the grip, from which he failed 
	to rally on account of his years. Mr. 
	Devan was a man of sterling integrity and 
	possessed many manly virtues for which he 
	was much respected and esteemed by all. 
	His aged wife survives him. The funeral 
	was held at the residence, Thursday after-
	noon at 2 o'clock, Rev Oren Gates 
	officiating; the interment taking place 
	at Union cemetary.

1. Date was wrong in Erastus' obit; should have been May 20, 1891.
2. "The grip" (grippe) is influenza.

— BIOGRAPHY — Erastus Nathanial DeVan, age 86, of Morgan Township, Ashtabula County, Ohio, died Wednesday, May 20, 1891, at his home on Riverdale Road.

He was born February 12, 1805, in Oneida County, NY to Talcot and Temperance Devan.

Erastus was a resident of the county for more than 60 years. He moved to the Riverdale location on the banks of the Grand River in about 1848 and built a log cabin. The cabin had two rooms and a wide, deep fireplace. In the early 1850s Erastus built a large two-story house that would accomodate two families. This house would remain in the family for another 120 years and be home for the next four generations of DeVans.

Erastus was married twice; his first wife was Polly Stone, a school teacher, whom he married about 1830. Erastus and Polly had two children, Polly, who married John C. Smith, and an un-identified girl who died in youth.

After Polly's death Erastus married Ruth Caroling Weller about 1835. Of this union were born three children: Lucius, Edwin, and Ellen. Lucius died at nine months and Edwin and Ellen are discussed elsewhere in this website.

When Erastus was first married he could neigher read nor write. His first wife Polly taught him the rudiments of reading. His second wife Ruth continued his education and he became interested and so well versed in law that he was admitted to the bar and became a full-fledged lawyer. He served as township trustee for some time, and the History of Ashtabula County 1798-1868 shows that he was a Justice of the Peace in 1851-1852.

Erastus and Ruth were ardent anti-slavery people and he was the president of the Underground Railroad Association, a hide-away for run-away slaves.

Erastus is buried in the Union Cemetary in Rock Creek, Ohio.

Ruth Caroline (Weller) DeVan
April 8, 1815 – October 16, 1891

Ashtabula Sentinel, Oct 28, 1891:

		 Ruth Caroline Weller

                    EAST TRUMBULL	
	Mrs. Ruth C. DeVan, a most estimable and 
	intellectual lady, a resident of Riverdale
	for more than fifty years, passed over to 
	the higher life Oct. 16, mourned by all who 
	knew her. Mrs. Devan was a native of Vermont. 
	She was born April 8, 1815. Her maiden name 
	was Weller. She was the mother of three 
	children, only one of whom survives - Edwin 
	DeVan, who will now occupy the old home.
	Erastus DeVan, her aged husband, died May 20, 
	1891. Husband and wife, beloved and respected,
	will long be missed, and their death lamented 
	by the large circle of friends to whom they 
	had greatly endeared themselves. "So they go, 
	one after another, like leaves on swift waters 

Eliza M. (Crosby) DeVan
March 8, 1847 – January 13, 1895

Brookings (SD) Register, Jan 16, 1895

H.E. Goodhues writes from Yankton that Mrs. R. P. Devan, a
former resident of this city, and who was an inimate of the insane
asylum, was found frozen to death about a mile from the city last
Saturday night. The unfortunate lady had been growing stronger in
mind and was given a good many priviliges and had a room with
other curable inimates. During the night she broke through a
window and escaped. Ther thermomater registered 20 degrees below
zero that night and when found she was clothed only in her night
dress, a thin shall and a pair of shoes. She had traveled about
two miles from the asylum.
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Ralph P. and Eliza DeVan's gravestone.

Ralph P. DeVan
May 24, 1838 – December 14, 1895

Semi-Weekly Register, Brookings, SD, Dec 18, 1895

R. P. Devan died at his home in Oakwood township last Saturday of consumption. He has been a sufferer for a number of years and recently he had taken a severe cold from which he never recovered. The funeral services were held at the Baptist church in this city yesterday afternoon at 2 o'clock; and were in charge of Robt. L. McCook post, G. A. R. of which he was a member.

A second obituary appeared in the Brooking County Press, Dec 19, 1895:

R. P. Devan, one of the first settlers of this county, who settled in Oakwood township a score or more years ago died at his home in Oakwood Saturday, of lung trouble, at an advanced age. His funeral took place from the Baptist church in this city Tuesday afternoon, under the auspices of the G. A. R. post of this city of which he was a member. Mr. Devan was well known throughout the county, and counted his friends by the score. He was a gentleman most highly respected, possessing many noble traits of character. He served in the civil war, losing a leg in battle, and during life was a living testimonial of the grim terror of the late conflict. He leaves three children, his wife having preceded him about a year ago.

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Ralph P. & Eliza DeVan's

Maria (Devan) Oatman
June 4, 1834 – January 16, 1902

Ashtabula Sentinel, Jan 23, 1902:

                    MRS. MARIA OATMAN	
	daughter of William and Hannah DeVan was born
	at Perry, Ohio, June 4, 1834 and died at her 
	home in Jefferson, Jan 16, 1902, being in the 
	68th year of her age. In early life she came 
	to this county and on May 1, 184(?) she 
	married Lorenzo Oatman, of Jefferson.
	   She was a woman of estimable qualities of 
	mind and heart winning the respect of all who 
	knew her. Without children of her own whe was 
	a faithful mother to the daughters and grand-
	daughter of her husband and by them loved as a 
	mother. In August 1881 she united with the 
	Methodist Episcopal church under the pastorate 
	of Dr. M. W. Dallas. She lived as a devoted 
	christian and on the last Sabbath of her life, 
	was in her place at public worship. Stricken 
	by paralysis on Sunday night, Jan 12, and a 
	second stroke on the 14th, she passed to her 
	reward on Thursday the 16th. Funeral services 
	were conducted in the church by her pastor, 
	Dr. S. Burt, on Sunday at 3 o'clock p.m. and 
	was largly attended by friends and citizens.
	   Her husband is left lonely and in feeble 
	health. Two sisters and a brother mourn her 
	departure, but not without hope, for "Blessed 
	are the dead who die in the Lord."

Ada Aurora (Devan) O'Connor
February 14, 1878 – February 8, 1910

Estelline Tribune (Hamlin County, South Dakota), Mar 4, 1910

Obituary of Mrs. O'Connor
(Ada Aurora DeVan)

Owing to the fact that we were unable to get any data at the time of the death of Mrs. Thos. O'Connor, we have not published an obituary notice. We are this week however able to do so, having gained the necessary information.

Mrs. Thomas O'Connor, whose maiden name was Ada Aurora Devan, was born on the old homestead near the little hamlet known as Oakwood, Brookings county, Feb 14th, 1878, where she resided until the death of her parents, about nine or ten years ago. From there she moved to La Cross, Wis., and entered a hospital to study for a nurse, graduating from that institution on June 14th, 1905, and to which vocation she devoted her entire attention until the date of her marriage. She became the wife of Thomas O'Connor January 12th, 1909, at St. Paul, Minn., ahd her death occurred at the farm north of Bruce, Feb. 8th, 1910. Besides a true and devoted husband, she leaves a brother, Del Devan who lives in the state of Washington, a sister Mrs. Jay Staples who resides in Wisconsin, to mourn her sudden and untimely death. The funeral was held from the Catholic church in this city and the mortal remains were laid to rest in the cemetary on the hill.

Seldom has it been our duty to chronicle so sad a death. A dark gloom spread over the whole community when it was learned that "Ada was gone," but she will ever live in the hearts of those who were nearest and dearest to her.

She was of an exceptionally affectionate disposition, bright and winning in her ways, so that friendships circle was to her a large one. Indeed it can be said that no one know her but to love her. Her sickness was a short duration, seemingly with us today, active in life's round duty and love, but gone tomorrow.

Here she played as a child, developed into beautiful girlhood; here she married and helped to establish a home of her own; here her busy life was spent in rendering a faithful service in the world. In this dearest of all places to her, she lies down at length to sleep and rest. Beautifully appropriate such a resting place, where kindred sleep and where her many life-long friends remain to gather about the dear form with honest tears and bereavement, to lay her away tenderly in the narrow house with its curtains of fadeless green.

Among all she ranked always as a woman of culture, refinement, sympathy, a kind neighbor, devoted wife and true friend. Gone from our sight! but because life and love are stronger than death she is still ours. The bereaved husband and other relatives have the heartfelt sympathy of the entire community in the the hour of their sad affliction.

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Ada Aurora DeVan's

Orestes St. John
January 24, 1842 – July 17, 1921

Mary (Swift) St. John
September 4, 1841 – July 26, 1921

Orestes St. John was a geologist at the University of Kansas and the Assistant State Geologist of Iowa when he illustrated the
Report of the Geological Survey of the State of Iowa (v. I and II) in 1870. Mt. Saint John in Wyoming is named in his honor.

Isabel (Olsen) DeVan
July 16, 1847 - November, 1, 1943

Rock Creek Independent, Circa 1943:

Events In The Life Of Mrs. Isabel DeVan
   "The recent death of Mrs. Isabel DeVan removed a well-known and most 
highly respected person from these parts. She was known so much for the 
great age she had attained (she was past 96 when she died), as for her 
clear memory, keen mind and most pleasing personality.
   Strange as it may seem, Mrs. DeVan did not know the name to which she 
was born. The fact is that she was born in Norway (July 16, 1847) and 
was brought by her parents to Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1849.
   Her father lived but eleven weeks after reaching America and a few 
months later, her mother, too, was laid beside him.
   Mrs. DeVan, then an infant of less than three years of age, was taken 
into the home and hearts of a good, kindly neighbor family by the name 
of Furnace. Later she was adopted by them. These were the only parents 
she could remember. 
   Sometime during the Civil War the Furnace family made their way over 
to these parts and bought a farm about a mile north from East Trumbull 
   One of the great outstanding families in this section in those days 
was one bearing the name DeVan. About a generation before old Talcott 
DeVan had carved out a home on the south banks of Grand River in the 
section vaguely known as "Slab City" but now bearing the more euphoneous 
name of Riverdale. Erastus DeVan was the best known son. Erastus was one 
of those active, energetic persons who has a part in everything which is 
transpiring. He was the Justice of the Peace when a Justice had all the 
honor and respect of a judge of the common pleas now. And he was the key 
man in the Republican Party.
   The leader of the third generation of DeVans in this section was the 
son of old Erastus who had been given the name of Edwin Nathanial.
   There were lots of young persons around the country in those days and 
with little to entertain them. There were occasional parties, once in a 
while a "raisin" but the main entertainment for young and old were the 
periodical revival meetings.
   No church building was found in East Trumbull in those days, yet every 
winter one or more itinerant preachers would come along to hold the 
customary revivals. The old school house on these occasions would be 
requisitioned for an auditorium. It was late in the winter of 1865 that 
one of these gospel spell-binders came along and opened a series of 
  As was customary, the room was crowded to the doors each evening. All 
the young persons for miles around gathered here and many new 
acquaintenances were made. It was during this meeting that dashing, 
handsome young Edwin Nathanial DeVan made the acquaintenance of a coy 
little miss by the name of Isabel Furnace. She was about the most 
beautiful and desirable creature he ever had seen, he thought. And he was 
the most handsome and attractive young man she ever had met, were her 
   In other words, it was love at first sight. The result was that the 
enamored young persons were married April 25, 1865. And that was how it 
was that the former little Norwegian waif named Isabel became the Isabel 
DeVan who so recently has been taken from our midst.
   The new family was one of great love although not one of peace and 
ease. There ensued years of hard struggles for survival and one of 
success. It was a hard life for many years, but, notwithstanding, a 
happy one.
   Slight built Isabel, or Belle DeVan as she was more familiarly known, 
was a born businesswoman. She had enterprise. She had spunk. She was not 
afraid to work. She knew how to make money and she knew how to save it. 
And she played no small part in helping her man to get on top of the world.
   Two children came to bless the family, a son, Furnace, who died but two 
or three years ago, and a daughter, Josephine, now Mrs. D. D. Greening.
   Mr. DeVan died April 30, 1910. Mrs. DeVan continued on the old homestead 
and managed the same until only a few years ago when the son, Furnace, took 
it over.
   Mrs. DeVan retained her mental faculties and her vivacious spirits until 
just a few months before her death.
   She was a remarkable woman and did much for this section and attracted 
to herself really a host of loyal friends."

Claude Benjamin Lyon
June, 13, 1908 - November, 18, 1952

Roy Arthur Giddings, Sr.
April 20, 1889 - March 12, 1956

Daniel Edwin DeVan
May 26, 1947 - August 19, 1956

His message:

Come to my Heavenly garden,
And see in perfect bloom,
The flower you loved so dearly,
And thought I plucked too soon.
Then you will know my reason,
Though you know it not today,
Why in his promising manhood,
I took your friend away.

Spencer School Spencerian, 1956-57

Millicent (Smith) Kile
1870 - March 15, 1957

Sarah Belle (Weeks) Giddings
March 1, 1894 - June 1969

Roy Arthur Giddings, Jr.
July 1, 1930 – May 19, 1987

George T. Weeks
December 5, 1900 – January 25, 1991

Florence Mae (Giddings) DeVan
January 8, 1923 – September 12, 1994

Robert D. Ramey
May 19, 1938 – May 31, 1996

Talcott Erastus De Van
July 17, 1913 – May 3, 1998

Alice I. (Greening) Zappitelli
August 18, 1912 – Nov 13, 1998

Dolores (Peterson) DeVan
June 7, 1918 – November 27, 2000

Thomas P. DeVan
November 9, 1949 – December 7, 2002

Lonnie Lee Preston
October 5, 1944 – June 27, 2006

— CONNEAUT — Lonnie L. Preston, age 61, of Conneaut, Ohio, died early Tuesday morning, June 27, 2006, at his home following a courageous battle with cancer.

Born October 5, 1944, in Geneva, Ohio, he was the son of Celia (Giddings) Preston and the late Galen Preston.

He had worked in the forge room at True Temper for 15 years, and was a member of the Moose Club and the Eagles Club for many years.

Lonnie was a sports fan whose favorite teams were the Ohio State Buckeyes and the Cleveland Indians, Browns, and Cavs. He also enjoyed fishing, bowling, playing darts, and coaching little league baseball.

Lonnie was a hard worker and a loving and caring father, grandfather, and husband who enjoyed spending time with his grandchildren.

Survivors include his mother of Geneva; his wife of 41 years, Donna (Coates) Preston; two daughters, Kimberly (Pete) Lincoln of Atlanta, Georgia, and Tammy (Rex) Lillie of Conneaut; and eight grandchildren, Christopher Preston of Shaw Air Force Base, South Carolina, Mathew Rosario, Stephanie Rosario, Alonna Lincoln, Branden Mullins, Justin Mullins, Rex Lillie Jr., and Aaron Lillie. He was preceded in death by his father.

A Celebration of Life was held on Saturday, July 1, 2006, at the Marcy Family Center, 180 Harbor Street, Conneaut.

Elsie K. (Kolarovic) DeVan
May 2, 1915 – September 13, 2006

Celia (Giddings) Preston
September 3, 1924 – February 2, 2007

Audrey B. (Rhoades) Lloyd
July 5, 1910 – October 20, 2007

— GENEVA — Audrey B. Lloyd, age 97, former Geneva-on-the-Lake resident, passed away Saturday, Oct. 20, 2007, at Geneva Pointe Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation.

Born July 5, 1910, in Geneva, Ohio, she was a daughter of the late Harvey H. and Sarah B. (Weeks) Rhoades.

Retiring in 1972, she was an Inspector at Ohio Rubber Company in Willoughby for 30 years. She also volunteered at Willoughby RSVP Hospitals for 14 years.

She attended the First United Methodist Church in Geneva and enjoyed sewing, knitting, crocheting, gardening, reading, and music.

Survivors include two daughters, Louella (Richard) Kern of Euclid, and Beverly Lomas of Geneva-on-the-Lake; seven grandchildren, Keith (Sue) Kern, Bill (Becky) Kern, Larry (Lisa) Kern, David Kern, Sue Fry, Wayne (Ellie) Lomas and Sandy (Paul) Kuceyeski; 16 great-grandchildren; eight great-great-grandchildren; and three sisters, Imogene Bevins of Bonners Ferry, Idaho, Fern Jones of Ashtabula, and Alyce Rogers of Lake Havasu, Ariz.

She was preceded in death by her husband, Kenneth; her parents; step-father, Roy Giddings; three sisters, Florence DeVan, Celia Preston and Reta Stacy; and three brothers, Harold “Buzz” Rhoades, Roy Giddings Jr. and Charles Giddings.

Memorial Service were held 11 a.m. Thursday, Nov. 1, 2007, at WALKER FUNERAL HOME, 828 Sherman St., Geneva, Ohio, with Pastor Roger Zale, of Hospice of the Western Reserve in Ashtabula, officiating. Burial is in Evergreen Cemetery, Geneva, Ohio.

Rickey Edward (Ric) DeVan
September 4, 1963 – July 4, 2008

— BISHOP, CA — Rickey E. (Ric) DeVan, age 44, of San Diego, CA, died Friday, July 4, 2008, while hiking near Bishop Pass in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Inyo County. (Official date of death is July 16, 2008.)

He was born September 4, 1963, in Quonset Point (N. Kingston), Rhode Island, to Rickey E. and Carol L. DeVan.

Ric was a 36-year resident of San Diego, CA, where he was a Senior Systems Engineer with San Diego Futures Foundation. He also founded his own computer consulting company, Level 4 Technologies.

Ric was an avid long-distance runner, hiker and climber and ascended numerous mountains including Mt. Whitney, Mt. McKinley (Denali), and he was one of the first Americans to make the ascent on Mt. Thinchinkhang in the Himalayan range in state of Sikkim, India. He also enjoyed skiing and camping with his family.

Ric is survived by his wife Victoria (Viki), step-daughter Erica, father Rickey E. DeVan, step-mother Colleen A. DeVan, mother Carol L. Cantu, step-father Ruben Cantu, brother Kevin, sister Shannon, and several nieces and nephews.

A "Celebration of Life" memorial service was held on Sunday, July 27, 2008 at the Palisades Presbyterian Church in San Diego, CA.

Ila Marie (Wagner) Campbell
May 21, 1928 – April 16, 2009

Genevieve J. (Benson) DeVan
June 3, 1920 – August 8, 2009

— ASHTABULA — Genevieve J. DeVan, age 89, of Ashtabula, Ohio, died Saturday, August 8, 2009, at the Ashtabula County Medical Center following a lengthy illness.

She was born June 3, 1920, in Cleveland, Ohio, to Clyde and Merla Benson.

Genevieve was a lifelong resident of Rock Creek, Ohio, where she was a homemaker and an artist. She enjoyed painting covered bridges, sewing and spending time with family and friends. She also was a member of the Ladies Auxiliary of Morgan Hose Company and a member of the order of the Eastern Star, Rock Creek Chapter.

Genevieve is survived by her children, Valerie Toth, Melanie DeVan and Bradley DeVan Sr.; along with grandchildren, Brad DeVan Jr., Matthew Toth, Aaron DeVan and Nathan Toth. She is also survived by great-grandchildren, Braden DeVan, Jocelyn DeVan, Aiden Toth and Aislynne DeVan; along with numerous nieces and nephews.

Genevieve is preceded in death by her husband of 47 years, Lewis E. DeVan; as well as her parents; her brothers, Gene Benson and James Benson; along with sister, Elaine (Benson) Mumaw.

A Memorial Service was held on August 14th at the Union Cemetery Chapel in Rock Creek.

Fern Belle (Rhoades) Jones
February 15, 1917 – September 30, 2009

— GENEVA — Fern Bell Jones, age 92, of Ashtabula, died Wednesday, Sept. 30, 2009, at Geneva Village Retirement Community.

Born Feb. 15, 1917, in Geneva, Ohio, the daughter of Harvey H. and Sarah B. (Weeks) Rhoades.

She had worked at Geneva Rubber for 10 years and enjoyed crafts, sewing, ceramics, cooking and gardening. She was also a “Founding Member” of Andover F.O.E.

She is survived by her children, Ralph “Butch” (Pat) Ramey, Sarah “Sally” (Chuck) Kundtz, Francis (Jan) Ramey, Lisa (Dan) Kelleher, Lee (Connie Jo) Davidson, Diane (Walter) Kolczinski, Harry (Donna) Gray and Cindy (Ted) Dennison; 29 grandchildren; numerous great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren; a few great-great-great-grandchildren; and a sister, Imogene Bevins.

She was preceded in death by her 1st husband, Robert Ramey; 2nd, Ralph Davidson; 3rd, Ernie Gray; 4th, Linn Jones; friend and companion, William Kern; children, Lois Ramey Burton, Robert Ramey and Peggy Jones; brothers, Harold “Buzz” Rhoades, Roy Giddings Jr. and Charles Giddings; and sisters, Alyce Rogers, Florence DeVan, Audrey Lloyd, Celia Preston and Rita Stacy.

A “Celebration of Life” was held Tuesday, Oct. 6th, at First Community Church of God, 1910 S. Ridge W., Ashtabula, with the Rev. Hal Morgan, officiating.

Dennis Clarence Walker
March 25, 1945 – February 12, 2010

— ASHTABULA — Dennis C. Walker, age 64, of Ashtabula, died Friday, Feb. 12, 2010, at home.

Born March 25, 1945, in Middlefield, the son of Clarence and Alice (Greening) Walker Zappitelli.

Dennis was a watchmaker, working several years at Jewel Box in Geneva and also a pipe bender in Grand River, Ohio. He helped with the Indian Creek Chapel and was also an EMT with the Geneva-on-the-Lake Fire Department.

He is survived by a brother, David J. Zappitelli of Garland, Texas; and his loving dog, “Sarge”.

He was preceded in death by his father, Clarence Walker; and his mother and stepfather, Alice and Emil Zappitelli.

Memorial Service were held at WALKER FUNERAL HOME, 828 Sherman St., Geneva, with the Rev. James Douglas, of Indian Creek Chapel, Geneva-on-the-Lake, officiating. Burial was in Union Cemetery, Rock Creek.

Francis William (Bill) Weeks
Nov 6, 1919 – April 24, 2011

ASHTABULA — Francis William Weeks, age 91, died Sunday, April 24, 2011, in the Cleveland Clinic following a very brief illness.

He was born in Geneva, Ohio, on Nov. 6, 1919, the son of William D. and Zella F. (Kelly) Weeks. He graduated from Ashtabula High School in 1937.

He served during WWII in the U.S. Army Air Force. He also served in the Air Force Reserves for many years to follow. He was an Air Traffic Controller while he lived in Honolulu, Hawaii. He was a licensed Pilot and was also a licensed Ship Captain. In September of 1940, he became the first man in the country on record to learn to fly and solo pilot in the same day.

On June 20, 1974, he married Nobuko Hasegawa in Hawaii and following retirement he moved back home to Ashtabula.

Francis enjoyed traveling the world, scuba diving, flying, boating, motorcycle riding and woodworking; he was also an accomplished artist. He was a member of the Ashtabula Ham Radio Operators Club, the World Adventurers Club and the Gold Wing Motorcycle Club.

He is survived by his wife, Nobuko of Ashtabula; his daughters, Candice (Robert) Keller of Kosciusko, Miss. and Erin (Stephen) Fitch of Lakeland, Fla.; his grandchildren, Jennifer (Dennis) Hershey of Lakeland, Fla., Evan (Beth) Keller of Birmingham, Ala. and Zachary Keller of Kosciusko, Miss.; eight great-grandchildren; and his sister, Bernadine Kovacevic of Conneaut.

He was preceded in death by his parents; his grandson, Jeremy Keller; and his brother, Gordon Hill.

Funeral services were held at the Fleming-Billman Funeral Home in Ashtabula, OH, and burial was in the Edgewood Cemetery.

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