DeVan Family History and Genealogy

Talcott Devan's Property Deeds

Full Copy of Property Deed Number One

This is a copy of the entire deed, executed 7 May 1807, and recorded in 1816, that shows that Talcott purchased property from Daniel and Suzannah Harris of Madison, Madison County, New York for the amount of "...two hundred and forty dollars lawful money of the United States..."

This deed shows Talcott's address as Augusta, Oneida County, New York, so it's safe to assume that this is the approximate date that he moved his family to Madison.

The physical dimensions of the property are given in chains and links; a chain being 66 feet, and a link begin 0.66 feet. The deed clearly states that the property is twenty acres.

The deed was executed before Judge Blackstone on 27 February 1815 and was recorded over a year later on 16 march 1816.

A copy of this deed was provided by Steve Devan.