DeVan Family History and Genealogy

Excerpts From Talcott's Property Deeds

Deed Number Two

This is part of a second deed, executed on 17 December 1807, and recorded in 1816, that shows that Talcott purchased ten acres from Patty Perkins, of Madison, Madison County, New York for the amount of two hundred and fifty dollars.

This part of the second deed shows the physical dimensions of the property. A chain was an instrument used for surveying and consisted of 100 linked pieces of iron or steel, 66 feet in length. The size of the parcel isn't clear in this deed; however, doing the math reveals that this parcel of land was ten acres in size.

This part of the second deed shows that Patty Perkins executed the deed before Judge Blackstone on 27 February 1815. The deed was recorded over a year later on 16 march 1816.

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Copies of these deeds were provided by Steve Devan.