DeVan Family History and Genealogy

Ralph P. DeVan Farm

A view of Ralph P.'s farm from a distance. The barn is the prominent feature.

Close-up of the barn that Ralph P. DeVan built in 1892.
It's hard to believe that this barn is over 100 years old! It's still in excellent condition.

Donna and Ben Duncan inspecting the corner of the farm where two of
Ralph P. and Eliza's children are buried because there wasn't a cemetary in town.
There isn't a marker or a fence to indicate that this area is a burial plot.

Ralph P.'s farm is located in section 4 of Homestead township in South Dakota. Each township is 36 square miles that are divided up into 36 sections; each section being one square mile or 640 acres. Based on that, Ralph's farm is 80 acres. The location might read "The east half of the southeast corner of section 4, Township 111 North, Range 51, West..." with a reference to a baseline and meridian, which aren't listed on the map.

Click the image to see the Homestead Township map.
Ralph's farm is the shaded area in the lower right corner of section 4.

Click these thumbnails to see the schoolhouse where Ralph P. DeVan's children attended school.