DeVan Family History and Genealogy


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  1. Ancestors and Descendants of Calvert Crary and his wife Eliza (Jerry Crary)
  3. Ashtabula County History - 1985
  4. Ashtabula County Historical Society
  5. Ashtabula Sentinel
  6. Gallop Genealogy
  8. First Families of America
  9. Genealogy of the Puritans
  10. Genealogy of the Randall Family
  11. History and Genealogy of the Families of Old Fairfield
  12. History of Ashtabula County, Ohio - 1798-1878
  13. History of Madison County New York
  14. Jefferson Gazette
  15. Memorial to the Pioneer Women of the Western Reserve - Edited by
    Mrs. Gertrude Van Rensselaer Wickman, Cleveland, Ohio, 1896-1897
  16. New England Genealogical Society
  17. New York Census Records
  18. Ohio Census Records
  19. Shaker Records, Western Reserve Historical Society
  20. Stonington Church Records
  21. U.S. Federal Census Records
  22. Vital Records of New London, Groton, Stonington, and Norwich, Connecticut
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  25. USS Lake Champlain CV/CVA/CVS-39 brief history and photos; more photos; and more history.
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