DeVan Family History and Genealogy

Vital Records

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Devan, Talcot

1800 census image; – 1810 census image; – 1820 census image;
1829 tax levy; Talcot lived in Trumbull at the time and owned two cattle.

Devan, William R

1830 census image; – 1840 census image;

Devan, William R. family in the Shaker Village in 1850

William & sons Nehemiah & Ralph P.; – wife Hannah;
daughters: – Temperance & Maria; – Lois & Emma J.;

Devan, Erastus N. & Ruth C. (Weller)

1829 tax levy; Erastus & Ruth lived in Morgan Twp (Rock Creek) at the time and owned nine cattle. Total tax was 61.2 cents.
1830 tax levy; Still in Morgan Twp (Rock Creek) and owned 100 acres. Total tax was $1.14.
1831 tax levy; Morgan Twp (Rock Creek); owned One horse and one cattle. Total tax was $0.48.
– In May 1849 the Governor of Ohio commissioned Erastus as a justice of the peace for Morgan Township;
1850 census image; shows Solomon and Sarah (Weller) Billings and Col. Ransom and Laura (DeVan) Billings living near/with Erastus and Ruth.
1870 census image; shows Harrison and Sarah (Weller) House and children living near/with Erastus and Ruth.
1880 census record; shows Ellen as the only "child" living Erastus and Ruth.

DeVan, Edwin N. & Isabel (Olson)

– This 1880 census record shows Edwin, Isabel, and son Furnace living in Erie, PA.
– This special police award was presented to Edwin in 1882 while living in Erie, PA.
1900 census image; Parents of Furnace DeVan.

DeVan, Furnace & Jennie (Lewis/McLean)

marriage record 1912;
1920 census record;
1930 census record;
1940 census record;
Death certificate image; Furnace was the father of Talcot, Lewis, & Ralph DeVan; stepfather of Franklin McLean.
Jennie was one of four sisters from Wales who moved to Ohio: Rachel married Dorman Williams; Elizabeth married Charles Ralph; and Ellen married Henry Fobes.

Graves, Daniel (Denny) & Josephine (DeVan)

1920 census record;
1930 census record;
1940 census record.
– "Josie" is Furnace's sister. Note that the DeVans and the Greenings lived "next door" to each other, in fact, about a half mile apart on Riverdale Road on different sides of Grand River.

Giddings, Roy A. & Sarah (Weeks/Rhoades)

1930 census record; note the Giddings, Rhoades, and Grandpa & Grandma Weeks all living in the same house.
1940 census record; the Rhoades have grown up and left home; Grandpa & Grandma Weeks still live with the Giddings. Note Aunt Celia Giddings near the top of the list. I remember visiting her in that same house when I was a young boy.

House, Harrison & Sarah (Weller)

1870 census image; Sarah was the sister of Ruth Weller DeVan and one of the five Weller sisters who moved to Ashtabula County from Vermont. The House family apparently lived next door to, or with, Erastus & Ruth. (The DeVan family house in Rock Creek was a two-family house.)

Sines, Amos & Julia (Weller)

1870 census image; Julia is the youngest of the five Weller sisters from Vermont; the other four are Ruth (DeVan), Clarissa; Sophia (St. John), and Sarah (Billings/House/Crosby).

Wilson, Reuben & Ann

1870 census image;
1880 census record; Reuben was the nephew of Erastus N. DeVan; his mother is one of Talcot Devan's un-identified daughters.
1900 census image for Reuben & son Claud.
death cert for Reuben in 1910.

Devan, Henry & Hannah

1850 census image; Henry is possibly one of Talcot Devan's un-identified sons. Henry's (and Talcot's) descendants still live in Madison County, New York.

Devan, Edward & Lydia

marriage certificate image; Edward is one of the mystery Devans. He's not the son of Henry or any other son of Talcot that we know about, so there must be another Talcot son in the records.
1870 census image; Edward served as a bugler in the Civil War and he and Lydia lived in Ashtabula after the war. To the best of my knowledge Edward is the only non-Erastus descendant who stayed in Ashtabula County, Ohio.

Lyon, Alanson (Sr)

1850 census image;   1870 census image; Alanson is the Gr-Grandfather of Claude Lyon. Warren, in the 1870 census, is Claude's Grandfather.

Lyon, Warren

Death certificate image; Warren is Claude Lyon's grandfather.

Lyon, James Harley

Death certificate image; James is Claude Lyon's father.

Lyon, Claude Benjamin

Death certificate image. Claude was the first husband of Audrey Rhoads and the father of Louella (Lyon) Kern and Beverly (Lyon) Lomas.

Kile, Hiram Grant

Death certificate image; Hiram was the husband of Millicent Smith, daughter of Polly (DeVan) Smith.

Fobes, Henry W. & Ellen (Lewis)

Death certificate for Henry;
Death certificate for Ellen. Ellen was one of the four Lewis sisters from Wales.
– Death certificate images for Fobes twins Albert and Elbert. The twins died at birth.

Williams, Rachel (Lewis) aka Rachel Nichol, aka Rachel Jones

1910 census record for Williams family. Note that Rachel's parents-in-law and her sister Jennie (Lewis) McLean are living with Rachel and her family. Franklin McLean would have been six years old, but don't know his where-abouts at this time.
1920 census record for Williams family. Rachel was Jennie DeVan's older sister and the mother of James Williams, first husband of Jean Rhoades.
1930 census record for Williams family.
death certificate image for Rachel. Note the date of birth is incorrect; should be 1874.

Williams, Dorman Mortimer

death certificate image. Dorman was Rachel's first husband and the father of James Williams, Jean Rhoads' first husband. James & Ralph E. DeVan were cousins.

Rhoads, Harvey Herbert

marriage record image. Harvey Rhoades and Sarah Weeks were married on March 6, 1910. Harvey's occupation is listed as fireman.
Harvey was the first husband of Sarah Weeks and the father of Audrey, Imogene, Harold and Fern.
death certificate image. Harvey died in March 1919.

Grinnell, Elias & Lucinda

Elias & Lucinda are the parents of Celia (Grinnell) Giddings, wife of Charles Frank Giddings.
1870 census image shows the Grinnells living in Cherry Valley, OH with Flora & Celia the only children living at home.
1880 census record shows the Grinnells living in New Lyme, OH with Flora & Celia & five additional children born since the last census. Samuel is Elias' brother.
1900 census image shows the Grinnells still living in New Lyme, OH with two children, Clifton and Elmer, both born since the 1880 census. The 1900 census for Charles F. Giddings also shows Elmer living with Charles.

Young, Benjamin & Rhoda

1870 census image. Benjamin & Rhoda were the parents of Lucinda (Young) Grinnell. Note that they are living with a family named Slater and granddaughter Flora is living with them.
1880 census record.

Billings, (Col.) Ransom

Ransom & Mary Wintersteen marriage (1824) record.
Ransom & Laura DeVan marriage (1831) record.
1850 census image with second wife Laura and daughters Louisa & Ann and son Ransom D.
Louisa married Carlos Augustus Sperry three years later; the 1880 census shows the Sperry's living in Topeka, KS with five children. (Have records for Carlos & parents.)

Billings, Solomon

I believe Solomon was the son of Col. Ransom & Mary (Wintersteen) Billings. Solomon married Sarah Weller, the sister of Ruth (Weller) DeVan.
The 1850 census image shows that Solomon and Sarah lived near Col. Ransom and Laura Billings, and Erastus and Ruth DeVan. Since the DeVan house was so large, it's possible that all three families lived there.

Billings, (Sgt) Ransom Devan

Ransom D. was the son of Col. Ransom & Laura DeVan and is shown on the 1850 census record linked above.
Ransom D. & Mary Horton marriage (1860) record. Ransom D. died in the Civil War during the siege of Atlanta.