DeVan Family History and Genealogy

Jean's Photo Album

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The photos on this page are from Aunt Jean's collection.
They are not in any particular order.

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Jean and a painting she created; her husband Mark made the easel.
Loading... The final painting. This photo doesn't do the detail in the real painting any justice.
Loading... Fern (Rhoads) Davidson & twins Leetha & Leeland, circa 1944. Loading... Unknown kids, but eventually they will be identified.
Cecil Spade
Loading... Cecil Spade's son Robert Lee Spade.
Loading... Unknown soldiers, but if you compare the eyes of a young Cecil Spade in the previous photo you might conclude that the guy on the right is also Cecil. Loading... Unknown, but possibly Cecil Spade.
Loading... Bill Weeks & his Honda motorcycle. Loading... Bill Weeks & his Honda Gold Wing motorcycle.
Loading... Penny, Danny, and Terry DeVan, 1949. Loading... Jennie Belle DeVan circa 1953.
Loading... Wendy DeVan, Jennie DeVan, & Laddie, about 1956. Loading... Florence Giddings trying on her dad's shoes, about 1924.
Loading... Donna Mae and Sally Ann Knapp about 1948. Loading... Reta Giddings, 1930.
Bevery (Lyon) and David Lomas.
Gloria (Gowlikowski) and Roy Giddings, Jr.