I've Been Scammed
Inline Tile and Stone


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The CSLB's mission statement (on their website) is "The Contractors State License Board (CSLB) protects California consumers by licensing and regulating the state's construction industry." Well, they don't do a very good job of that; and the only "California consumers" they protect are victims of unlicensed scammers. But, I said it before and I'll say it agaon: "Hiring a licensed contractor is no guarantee that the contractor does good work. It's also no guarantee that the contractor will finish the job. If you go by what they say on the opening page (splash page) of the CSLB website, the ONLY enforcement they do is chasing unlicensed contractors.

If you have a complaint with a licensed contractor...well...good luck with that.

In spite of all the evidence I provided to them, they looked for every opportunity to say no to me...the customer.

The CSLB's inspector and "industry expert", Byron Mettler, was unable to determine why the water temperature controller did not work, in fact, would not turn. Did he really need to know why? It needed to be replaced but he wasn't smart enough to know that. So I got screwed out of the cost (over $400) of the item and the cost to replace it. Some industry expert. He couldn't even complete the inspection report without errors.

After all the hassle with the CSLB and SureTec, I felt I would have been better off with an unlicensed contractor, or handyman. Quality wise I couldn't have been any worse off, and at least he wouldn't have a "leg to stand on" if I decided to not pay him for shoddy work.

Not true with licensed Inline Tile and Stone: The CSLB and SureTec stood by Duane Bored the entire time. Sure, the CSLB slapped some citations on his license. But Investigator Greg Holmes told me (in a phone conversation) he didn't want to fine him too much and put him out of business. Too bad...

Why not, Greg? You simply left him out there to prey on other customers.

OBTW: If Borad shows up on your job with even one worker/helper, you have the right to question the worker's status. If he is a subcontractor he MUST be licensed; ask for his license number and LOOK IT UP.

If the worker/helper is a day worker, as they were on my job, the contractor MUST HAVE workers' comp insurance to protect that worker and to protect you the property owner. You, the property owner, are responsible for injured workers if the contractor does not have the proper insurance to cover his workers.

Caveat Emptor!! Borad's current license info shows that he DOES NOT have workers' comp insurance and it also states that he does not have employees. (That's what it said when I hired him, but I have photos of three different employees within a three week period.) If you are an Inline Tile and Stone customer you should be aware that YOU could be sued if one of his "uninsured day workers" gets injured on the job. That's the PENALTY YOU PAY for not hiring a contractor who has the proper insurance for his business.