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dubious - 1) likely to be dishonest, untrustworthy, or morally worrisome in some way; 2) of uncertain quality, intention, or appropriateness;
scheme - a secret and cunning plan, especially one designed to cause damage or harm;
scam - a scheme for making money by dishonest means.

malicious - 1) characterized by malice; 2) motivated by wrongful, vicious, or mischievous purposes.
malice - 1) desire to inflict injury, harm, or suffering on another, either because of a hostile impulse or out of deep-seated meanness; 2) Law. evil intent on the part of a person who commits a wrongful act injurious to others.

Looking at the definitions above, the only difference between "dubious scheme" and "scam" is the word "likely." However, when I use the word "scam" I mean scam. When I use the words "dubious scheme," well, it's a "likely scam."

To the victims, it makes little difference whether it's a "dubious scheme," a "scam," or a "likely scam," or whether it's intentional or not. Either way they have lost money and/or didn't get the expected service or product for which they paid.

You know you've been scammed when the "business owner/operator" refuses to make good on his contract and/or promises.

In a recent email, Borad accused me of being malicious. I'm 74 years old and tired of getting scammed by "dubious operators." All I'm trying to do is get restitution for the job Borad was paid to do, which, for whatever reason, he didn't finish. When he realized the extent of the work that needed to be done to correct his mistake, Borad simply walked away.

Doesn't Borad see that not finishing a job, or not correcting his costly mistakes, is morally wrong? Doesn't he see that profiting from his mistakes is not only morally wrong, it is malicious?

I don't want to get sued for slander or libel so I've taken extra effort to make sure the information on this site is true and correct. Most, if not all of the information is accompmanied by photos or other documents. Most of the information comes from me and my experience with dubious schemers and scammers who use dubious and malicious means to gain profit.

"You would be surprised what you can find on the internet..." No, not really...not anymore. That was true in 2002, when I started this website, but now, almost everyone and anyone can be found on the internet.

I am solely responsible for the contents of this site.

If you have comments or questions or criticism, or you want to share your experiences, send a note to me at the acccessonescams email address below. I may not answer but I always read my email.