I've Been Scammed
Inline Tile and Stone

SureTec Bonding Company

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SureTec is not a government agency; they are, however, a puppet of the CSLB.

SureTec's mission statement is "Finding a responsible way to say Yes." Whatever that means. I have to believe it means "Say no to the customer."

In spite of all the evidence I provided to them, they looked for every opportunity to say no to this customer.

They stuck to whatever the CSLB said, since they are the CSLB's puppet. Except that they didn't always stick to what the CSLB said; they covered the plummer's bill for a $504 repair caused by lack of attention to detail by the contractor.

The CSLB said they don't do destructive testing, meaning they don't open walls to see what the actual problem is. In my case they couldn't verify that the water pipes were crossed (hot & cold), or that the water temperature controller was actually bad (in spite of the fact that it wouldn't physically move to control the temp). The CSLB suggested I get contractor estimates for the needed repairs. I did that, but SureTec blew me off and only awarded about $1,500 to repair the bathroom after I presented them with three estimates, all close to $6,000.

When it came down to paying me, SureTec could have and should have written a check to me from Borad's bond. Instead, SureTec's Claims Manager Jason McGee insisted I accept Borad's personal check. Well, as I suspected, Borad did not have sufficient funds in his checking account to cover the check, and his bank refused to cash it. I had to deposit it in my bank and hope that it did not bounce. It did take two days to clear and Borad admitted that there were insufficient funds to cover it.

This is the second time Borad wrote a check to me without having sufficient funds to cover the check.